I'm Will. 24. Videographer. Adventurer.
Gaming. Anime. Movies. Music. Art. Cosplay.
Studio Ghibli. Lots of it.
Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Community, Breaking Bad, and Walking Dead. This is a list of shows that you can use to relate to me, and gauge your expectations for more of what I will be posting.

If you would like to check out some of the music that I am a part of then feel free to do so through the "My Music" links below!


Anonymous asked
I know I asked this before... But WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL?!?! PS: If it is the shark adrenaline and wolf blood then please let me know where I can get some. ;)

from the adrenal glands of sharks and the veins of wolves :D

Anonymous asked
Can I just like, say that you are incredibly funny and nice. Plus your good looks arent exactly hurting either c: