I'm Will. 24. Videographer. Adventurer.
Gaming. Anime. Movies. Music. Art. Cosplay.
Studio Ghibli. Lots of it.
Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Community, Breaking Bad, and Walking Dead. This is a list of shows that you can use to relate to me, and gauge your expectations for more of what I will be posting.

If you would like to check out some of the music that I am a part of then feel free to do so through the "My Music" links below!


prince-of-wind replied to your post: MTAC was a blast!

I posted a picture of you~! Is that okay? I can take it down if you want >.< it’s in the MTAC tag!

No that’s totally fine! Thank you :) I like that picture a lot hahaha I’m actually gonna post it in the MTAC cosplay facebook group if that’s cool

MTAC was a blast!

Had such a good time and got to meet so many cool people!!

Post con blues setting in now, and antsy for another con :P
I will be posting all of the pictures that I have from it later, and if anyone happens to have pictures of me as Castiel or Finn I’d love to see ‘em!

Love you all :)

Anonymous asked
You are a beautiful person!

Aww shucks, YOU are :)

Anonymous asked
At what weight would you absolutely not date a girl

I am much more concerned with how I feel about a person! And I’m not gonna rule someone out for any reason if I feel strongly about them. But that is all completely dependent on the individual person.

Anonymous asked
HEY HEY HEY ITS HETALIA THE ONE YOU KEPT RUNNING INTO TODAY~! I DONT KNOW IF YOU REMEMBER ME >.< So I'm putting myself on Anon >.< I'm so sorry to bother you! But I just wanted to say that you made me and my friend (The blue haired girl from Fairy Tail) have a fun time always being on the lookout for yall!

Awesome!! Of course I remember! I’m guessing you don’t have a tumblr though since you’re anonymous?

This &#8220;Redbull&#8221; doesn&#8217;t appear to be working, Dean. I still don&#8217;t have wings.

This “Redbull” doesn’t appear to be working, Dean. I still don’t have wings.